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Video / Film Production 

In House Producer



Large or Small Venue

In a Recording studio or any project "Time is Money". A professional producer knows how to keep the session moving, directs the artist, instructs the engineer and knows when good enough is good enough. Again "Time is Money". A producer helps keep you on budget, gets the people and tools you need, keeps the project focused and insures that final product will be a true representation of you. Every artist needs someone they trust to say when it is finished. "Have you ever heard of the Artist that been recording the same song and revising it over and over and over? Guys why? (No Producer)

​Why use a professional Studio?

Inspired by all varying Genre's of music 316PROductions   works diligently to help each artist explore their unique vibe and style giving them each their own trademark sound. 316PROductions is not a cookie cutter studio or editing house as we genuinely want each Artist, Group or Company to achieve a product thats unique and genuine to who they are.

Started in 1998 316PROductions carries a wide range of equipment both modern and vintage. Ranging from processing equipment to musical instruments. 316PRO Recording Studio is set up as a Hybrid studio utilizing the best of the analogue and digital worlds. However, projects can easily transform to digital only if needed.

316PRO Mastering is home to award winning Producer, Writer, Mix Engineer and Mastering Engineer

"J" aka John Alexander. Dedicated to producing music with positive lyrical content he is able to work in any Genre / Style of music.

316 PRO Video Editing and Productions utilizes some of today brightest and most talented videographers, film makers and video editing engineers


Songs and artist have received Song of the Year honors, Album of the Year Nominations and Artist of The Year Nominations.

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Why use a professional Producer?


Consulting, Coordination, Production for Live Concert large or small venue.


Award winning Mix Engineer and Producer

One shot at getting it right! Well it takes over 10,000 hours of training to be considered expert in a given field and at 316PROductions you get that and more. With years of experience in the industry you'll get the full benefit of all the knowledge we've gained over the years through trial and error, education and real world experience. Additionally, we've managed to collect a wide array of vintage and modern equipment that would be at your disposal. 

Recording, Mastering and Production takes know how and time.  316PROductions brings the know how and the ability to reduce the amount of time required to complete a project, saving you money.  

The creative process should be just that "Creative"! If your focused on all the technical aspects of Recording, Mastering or Editing then the creative process can be hindered. Thats where we come in. We know how to get the best result possible in the least amount of time and more importantly helping you decide when its finished.  

Pre & Post

Voice Over


Go Platinum

Production Coordination

Jacar Media Group

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Pre and post work, Voice Over, Film Scoring, Editing, Foley

LOF Records - National and International Recording Artist

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Qualified Recording Engineers on staff and ready to bring the best out of your sound and style

2x Song of the year


Recording, Mixing, Mastering 

​Video editing, Song Wirting, Scoring, Sound Consulting